Saturday, October 18, 2008


Two readers have been selected (in a process that doesn't bear any scrutiny as it's entirely arbitrary and mood-driven) to receive signed and stamped artist's proofs of limited edition, colour R-prints that were included in my recent PORNO exhibition in Melbourne. Needless to say, the images (which are each different) are nudes but not sexually graphic – unlike another in the series, of a same-sex couple fisting (emphatically NSFW), that has ended up in the collection of well-known Australian critic. Each print is valued for insurance purposes at $A2,000 so you can sell them if you want to make a few extra bucks for Christmas.
The 'lucky' readers will be asked to confirm their snail mail addresses in the next couple of days. One or two more signed prints will be given away between now and the end of the year.


Anonymous said...

so do we get ourselves into the running for this random selection process?

artcanyell said...

Hazel your generous gestures make the world feel like a friendlier place.

Anonymous said...

Hear, hear!!!


Watermoon said...

Thanks for your generosity. The sketch is absolutely fab & I am going to print it for my partner and I so that it can go with our growing collection of erotic art. And for you amzingly fresh approach to the who art and the wank that can & does surround it.

I'd love to get one of your photo's so I am not quite sure how you plan to choose but I am putting up my hand.

Also if you ever want to get any custom furniture made I would really love to work with you to create something special that you will keep. I have come from a site specific installation & sculpture back ground and am now designing furniture. So my favourite way of working is directly with a client and the space that they want the furniture to create something that is specific to the space and their desires. All my furniture is enviro sustainable and created with passion for the planet and life. Check out the facebook page if you want for Watermoon-Design.

Thanks again. Roland
ps. I am based in Melbourne but come to Sydney on a semi regular basis.