Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Reinventing The Weal

As the end of the year nears, I'm looking forward to finishing my last enamel paintings – a couple of Dangerous Career Babes commissions (no more will be accepted after the end of this month), an unusual version in reflective vinyl and enamel of one of my iconic Lake Eyre images, and a large, 3.0m by 2.5m self-portrait. The work I've done in the medium this year has been among my best but enamel's harsh, corrosive vapour is dangerous to my health. I need a break. Besides, as I've written before, I have a number of other, non-painting projects I'd like to get under way over the next twelve months.
I want to experiment with sculpture, video and photograph, neither in that order nor necessarily in the same context. I have only just begun to loosen some of the formalistic shackles that encumber my painting but I'm free of them whenever I pick up a camera or assemble the natural, organic components of my sculpture. I'm still self-obsessed enough to want to construct work that reflects the complicated (and sometimes contradictory) narrative of my life but less familiar media encourage me to be less obvious about it.
I am also going to explore publishing: as well as a handful of limited edition portfolios and chapbooks, I'm attempting an autobiography (of sorts) for a well-regarded Australian publisher.


Queen Vee said...

Variety is refreshing.

Who are you publishing the portfolios and chapbooks with, Hazel? Or will you self-publish?

Anonymous said...

I tried twice to access Hazel's blog this afternoon at work and each time I did so my computer autonomously shut down. I thought the firm had put some kind of workplace net use surveillance and censorship in place :-) However I don't think so, just coincidence that some system instability was triggered at the same time as I accessed this site I think is the more likely explanation. They do not have an intrusive controlling culture here as they do in some work places.


Anonymous said...

Damn, I wish I could afford to commission one of the Career Babes – but I hear the prices are now more than a new car (and I can't afford one of those, either!)