Sunday, October 05, 2008

Space Invaders

I had a major push over the weekend and managed to clear a dozen works from my studio. Carefully packed, these are now en route to clients in Melbourne, Sydney, Bangkok, and London. There are another dozen to go – mostly Dangerous Career Babes re-painted in enamel on custom-made 210cms x 160cms boards, still drying slowly in the humid southern spring air. The first of these will also be shipped to London, straight into a sale room in time for Christmas.
Some of the space reclaimed in the studio has been short-lived. A couple of early enamel paintings arrived from sellers in the U.S. to be inspected and re-touched before being forwarded to new owners in Melbourne and Adelaide. And there are framed, metre-high photographic prints for a re-edited and enlarged version of PORNO planned for Japan to be delivered early next week, along with boxes of promotional material. They'll take up even more space than the work I just got rid of!

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