Thursday, October 16, 2008

Spiralling Quickly

The online arts and design magazine, Spiral, has published a short interview with me. It's notable mainly because I talk a little more about my personal life – although regular readers of my blog will probably feel they have too much information about that already.


Kate said...

In the daze of getting essays in for the final week of Uni, I read this new Poll incorrectly. I thought it was a repeat of the previous Poll. I must admit, I wondered why it was up for voting again!!! I'm sure it said Awards & Prizes etc.
Anyway, I voted yes again, in response to what I thought was Awards & Prizes.
Need to give the new Poll more thought, can I retract my vote? Sorry, stupid I know, but my eyes were not working.

Mona said...

Hazel/ just for you I shall be putting up Dudu P's 'Flute Music' which was the album after 'In The Township' later today at the blog
regards TimN