Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Swings And Roundabouts

It's been a weird week of precipitous ups and downs.
The downs were only a couple but unexpected. My much ballyhooed deal with Legends Rubber fell through when, at the eleventh hour, just as I delivered final artwork for the tin containers, the company and I failed to agree (albeit amicably) on how they would be packaged and promoted. I was also forced to postpone a small but unarguably fun collaboration with Kinokuniya, the large, Japanese-owned bookstore in Sydney, where merchandise based on my early Cowgirl Babe paintings (which were also to be featured on the condom tins) was to be sold before Christmas.
My disappointment was short-lived. I had been struggling to find time to pursue an opportunity to work on a book project for one of Australia's most respected publishing houses. Now I have a few months in which to write and edit images in between assembling work (most of it existing pieces) for shows scheduled in Asia during the second half of 2009.


Brian Ward / Fitzroyalty said...

Hi Hazel, this is a real shame! I have been looking forward to getting these. As a sexuality educator, I was curious to see if the stylish branding and packaging of the Legends with your artwork would encourage more young people to carry condoms with them and actually use them. I also like the idea of democratising art and blurring the lines between art and illustration and design by seeing your work in a non traditional format. I'm sure you had your reasons, especially as your ethical values always seem (from what you write here) to guide you well commercially.

artcanyell said...

I too was looking forward to buying some Dooney Legends condoms if only for the receptacle. Art and commerce often don't see eye to eye so its not surprising things fell through on this one.