Saturday, November 08, 2008

Clearing Out

I am getting to the end of yet another period of clearing out old work from my studio – thus clearing my head so I can experiment with some completely new ideas. I've had some foreign interest in the series of small (approximately 60cms x 30cms), enamel Studies For Three Accoutrements Of Desire and Cowboy Babes (Resized For Commercial Consumption) but it's a sign of the hard economic times that most recent enquiries have been about small works on paper.
I've just finished a series of ten monochromatic works in pencil, ink and watercolour on cold-pressed paper – Iku For You, Nos. 1-10 – derived from the image I recently offered as an unlimited edition print to be downloaded free from my web site. Individual works are available for $A850 each, excluding delivery, while the whole set is $A7,500. I have also decided to sell the half a dozen, very small acrylic on cold-pressed paper studies for Cowboy Babes (Resized For Commercial Consumption) for $A1,500 each.
I have two more Dangerous Career Babes commissions to complete before the end of the year, including The Ninja for my long-suffering accountant. Then I'm going to put the series to bed with a very large (3m x 2m) enamel on board work, Dangerous Career Babe: The Pornographer (Self-Portrait), the largest work I've attempted in this medium and the last I will do before taking a long break from it.

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