Tuesday, November 04, 2008

My (Not So) Brilliant Careers

On the bad days, I think about what I might have done for a living instead of making art.
I've written before about my enthusiasm for fashion. If I was wired to be more user-friendly and socially astute – a pretty unlikely 'if' – I might have tried my hand at designing clothes, shoes or accessories. I might have also become a musician or a singer. But as much as I love performing in the spotlight, centre stage, I don't like sharing it. I don't play well with others – in anything. Which is probably why I haven't experimented much with film or video: it's too industrial and requires too many people to do it properly.
Writing is solitary and satisfying if, for me, incredibly slow. It lacks the physicality and almost instant gratification of art-making. And I still can't get my head around the idea that it will be eighteen months, maybe more, between the time I begin writing a proposed book and its publication. Even then, unless it finds a big audience, it's unlikely to make enough to keep me in the manner to which I've become accustomed during these few years that I've enjoyed success as a painter.
Ah, hell. I wish I could just claim 'diva' as a full-time occupation and get away with it!


Kate said...

Quick quick -wink ;)- get the words flowing Hazel.
I'll be buying one - can't wait!
I'm a auto/bio addict.

Anonymous said...

A professional "Diva" and nothing but is the extremely underestimated, overpaid but dubiously talented Paris Hilton.

Anonymous said...

Kate by "auto/bio addict" it take it you mean auto-erotic bisexual

Jamie Lenz said...

Given the attention that Hazel commands when she enters a room (I saw her work the room at her recent Porno show), I don't think she'd lack for company - male or female – so I'm not sure 'auto-erotic'is part of her vocabulary. As for life, it's lived large. I can't wait to read whatever it is she is writing!

CC said...

Paris is 'underestimated'? I don't think so.