Sunday, November 30, 2008

Taking Care Of Business (And Myself)

After six months of chaos, during which my career and my psyche have teetered on the edge of disintegration, I have finally clawed back the controls and de-throttled the frenetic pace.
Now I have to clean up the mess. I have rid myself of some of the people who were supposed to be helping – when all they were really doing was making a bad situation worse – and I've hired new people with more know-how and experience. This has left me free to focus on the art itself and to ensure that the delivery of commissioned works that have been held up by inefficiency (my own) or just plain incompetence (my own and others') can resume.
One good thing about this forced hiatus in production has been a chance to spring-clean the studio – even the floors have been steamed! – and to delve into a decade of archived material, including old drawings, photographs and press clippings. Reviewing the past and gaining a better understanding of what I've accomplished has, unexpectedly, freed my imagination from it, enabling me to see more clearly what I want (and need) to do in the future.
However, it will be another several weeks before I can allow myself to become occupied with it. I have still a lot of work to do on current and overdue projects. I also have some hardcore business issues to resolve – including an unpleasant, year-old dispute with a gallery. The last thing I can afford is to be distracted.

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