Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Words On The Road

Some days, I spend hours driving. Mostly I like it but cross-city treks in peak-hour commuter traffic are slow, dull and unproductive. I get bored by FM radio. Besides, someone snapped off my car's antenna so reception is terrible. Instead, I plug my iPod into the cigarette lighter socket on my dash' and play audio books.
When I was a kid, I spent hours listening to recordings of books (my favourite was Oscar Wilde's
The Happy Prince). I've only recently begun downloading them in a digital format. I don't like listening as much as reading but on long, boring drives, it's the next best thing.
Any titles you'd recommend?


Anonymous said...

My fav while driving from WA to IN
was In A Sunburned Country
by Bill Bryson!

Anonymous said...

...he also wrote A Walk In The Woods.
It's just as funny.

Tina Mammoser said...

Recently I listened to "I am Legend" which was possibly the best I've listened to in years. (ignore the ridiculous movie that had little to do with the book) A friend recently recommended "Northanger Abbey" which will be my next listen.

And a general recommendation: http://librivox.org/ Tons of public domain audio books, a great site.

Anonymous said...

"Under Milk Wood" read by Richard Burton. I'm sure you've heard or read this before, but if not, for your first time listen it would be best heard on a long quiet road with few distractions. I can't imagine it working in a busy city.

Sometimes I think maybe things get ruined when someone else other than you reads it aloud, it needs your voice to give it meaning. Bearing this in mind NEVER listen to a recorded version of Rimbaud, they're awful! Though Benjamin Britten's "Illuminations" by the City of London Sinfonia is worth the money and your time.

It's a trap.

Anonymous said...

Oh, one more Hazel...

For a nightime drive in the neon city when you're feeling miserable, cynical and a bit hard-boiled try "King of Poets" by Bukowski.

Try to buy the CD with the cheaply printed paper insert on biege paper.

To have Bukowski as a drving partner when you're all alone at night, what more could you want?

Pam Hart said...

Also great lectures, poetry readings, poetry on the web...sites like ubuweb for poetry. Perfect word verification..."detail!"

Rick said...

I purchased Ulysses by James Joyce recently and have been listening while working on pictures (haven't got an ipod yet so can't play it in the car -- can't burn it to CD because each installment is well over the file size limit for CDs). If you like novels with no plot, in real time, 24 hours in Dublin through the eyes and minds of a Jew, a lapsed Jesuit and a good-time gal, you’ll love this. If Matthew Reilly or Tom Clancy’s more your bag, then you’ll despise Ulysses.

Anonymous said...

aaaaaaaaah I heard his voice!

Anonymous said...

Oscar and Lucinda read by Peter Carey.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Hazel, been reading your blog with interest for a while. When I get to that part of a painting where my right brain's busy and my left brain's bored, talking books are the go. I'm in the middle of The Prestige at the moment. The movie moves faster, but the novel has more subtlety.
Nicole Murray