Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Crosstown Traffic

It feels like I've been living in my truck for the past two weeks. I have spent hours in it every day, driving from one side of the city to another.
Like most modern Pacific Rim cities – think L.A. or Tokyo – Sydney isn't so much a city as a sprawl of separate suburbs and towns that have grown so large and dense that their perimeters are no longer perceptible. With little else to define them, they're just a blur of brick, glass, bitumen and billboards as one skirts between them on the newly built toll roads that are designed not so much to connect them as to control the diurnal flow of commuters from what local planners refer to, with no trace of irony, as 'dormitory developments'.
Some social theorists argue that the real life of a 21st century city is not at its centre but at its margins. Maybe that's also true in Sydney's case. I just wonder whether it's worth the time and tedium it takes to reach them?

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Anonymous said...

Have you heard about Melbourne's new lord mayor's plan to stop boguns from coming to the city :-) Mr Doyle wants only talented buskers performing and well dressed cultured city types to be seen on the streets - everyone else stay put in their grubby suburbs. What planet did this man come from? He has just been elected and is already polarising city council and the community with his ridiculous elitism.