Thursday, December 11, 2008

Daylight, No Saving Me

This morning, I fielded two requests for interviews and closed a deal on a new commission even before I had crawled out of bed and made myself coffee. I always move a little slower after a day of exposure to enamel. I read my email. I paid a couple of bills. I ordered more paint to re-finish three more Dangerous Career Babes promised for delivery before Christmas.
My accountant rang and gave me some bad news about my taxes. I rang my lawyer regarding an increasingly acrimonious dispute – over money, what else? – with a gallery. I thought about getting out of Australia and living somewhere a little more indolent and less greedy. I wondered how long it might take me to learn Portuguese and how much it might cost to rent an old, colonial-style apartment in Salvador de Bahia.
Tonight, I'm wrapping a set of acrylic studies for two of my favorite collectors in Adelaide. They are also impatient for me to deliver a few large enamel paintings but they will be thrilled to get this thick bundle of richly colored images on cold-pressed paper. Tomorrow, I am going back to the factory-like studio to put the finishing touches on works for collectors in Melbourne and Sydney.
There is a dull but reassuring rhythm to these long, way-too-predictable days.

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