Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Gimme Gimme, More

I think it's hilarious that of the 14 people who have responded to my blog poll to date, not one wants love or art for Christmas. It got me thinking about what I want. I suspect 'More, much more' about covers it.
I had been thinking of having a monastic Christmas: quiet, solitary, with steamed vegetables instead of rich food as a Christmas dinner. I could do with a week of rest. Then again, maybe I'll be like everyone else and indulge myself with not-so-cheap decadence and material things.
Like any good consumer, I've already made a list:
Martin Margiela Sci-Fi Sunglasses. From the front, they look like a black horizontal censorship bar used to block out the eyes. I think the concept is cool, and clever - and rather appropriate to some of my work.
Mondo Cane. A dvd collection, filmed in the 60s, exploring strange or esoteric customs around the world. Part exploitation, part voyeurism, part inter-cultural observation, I've been a fan of the films since I first came across them in my late teens. If you can't bear the condescending voice-over, watch them with the sound turned down.
La Catrina (Day of the Dead) market bag in hot pink. Somehow, I think using these bags might make going to the grocery store – something I hate – a little more fun.
A set of throwing knives. Like Angelina Jolie, I'd like to take them with me wherever I go and practice when I'm bored – or mad. I'd use photographs of a couple of art dealers I know as targets. I love the knives' pared-down, sculptural profile.
Hand-made Zulu ear plugs. They're non-piercing, and look like large round discs, which are painted in Zulu patterns. They clamp onto the ear lobes – like basic clip earrings.
Leather backpack. I've been looking for a strong, practical but beautiful leather backpack for years and at last, this is it. Every 'old-skool' explorer should have one.
A fine art photograph by Mary Ellen Mark, of acrobats practising in India, one of her milestone documentary works.
A watercolour by Francesco Clemente
, preferably from his series, 51 Days On Mount Abu.
So what on your list?


Walkin' Gardener said...

You are so lovely crazy, Hazel. Nathalie told me about your blog and art and we do love your blog and art. I send a mail to a French journalist whose blog is famous in France and she loves your lavis a lot. Agnes Giard is the name and her blog in Liberation is "Les 400 culs".


We do, with Nathalie live in Guadeloupe and thanks you again for your expressive pen and your painting.

Mona said...

Love with a modicum of sex would be nice

Anonymous said...

I want a Hazel Dooney enamel painting!

Anonymous said...

Getting past all the material things, thats a long list!!..from the mundune, a new car to the bling, big fat pink dimond earings, or Career Babe "catburlger"my fav!!!... I would love for Christmas the promise of the next 12 months to go to plan...everything to happen as we want it! How lovely and stress free that year would be! I'm not greedy.. a year to get it togther would be fine! In fact I wish that for you too Haz!Merry christmas!xliv

Paul Martin said...

Love sounds pretty good to me. And happiness. A home theatre, and a nice home to go with it would be nice too.

Annie Paul said...

Wow, i used to holiday in Mt. Abu as a schoolgirl, didn't know Clemente had done such a series--must check out.

love these visits to your archive...