Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Hard Yakka

The lead-up to Christmas continues to be gruelling. Today, I worked from dawn until late afternoon, sanding and re-coating patches of enamel and re-touching black outlines on two paintings. My arm ached as I concentrated on keeping the edges sharp and straight. By late afternoon, my hyper-sensitized skin was red and inflamed, my eyes sore. Still, it was satisfying to have not one but three different delivery companies arrive to pack works – painstakingly, under my intense scrutiny – for delivery to Melbourne, Singapore, and the USA. By early next week, more works will be on their way to Melbourne and Adelaide.
I still have an enormous amount of work to do before this nightmare is over but my anger and frustration has subsided as my team and I make significant headway – and, even better, make my collectors happy again.

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