Wednesday, December 31, 2008

I'm Not Promising Anything

Like most people, I've been thinking about what I want to do differently in the New Year. I don't like to make promises and I don't really need or want a fresh start in my life and work. But there are a few – ok, maybe more than a few – things I would like to improve.
I figure the last day of the year is as good a time as any to put them on record. You can call them resolutions. I think of them more as margin notes – reminders, if you like:
Buy more fashion. (I'd like to do my bit to support the economy.)
Be nice to strangers (instead of pretending they don't exist).
Be guided by Samuel 22:43: Crush my enemies to dust. (Just joking. Actually, no, I'm not.)
Try to take over the world. (My career mentors are still Pinky and the Brain.)
Use my inability to be moderate – in anything – for good (e.g.lots of work) rather than bad or dumb (e.g. thirty cups of coffee every day).

Be kinder to my body. (Technically, this isn't a New Year's resolution – I started a week ago – but I resolve to continue.)
Make more things, just for the love of it.
Live more simply. (Now that my studio is separate from where I live, I don't need as much space. Also I feel calmer when my environment is more ascetic or spartan. This year, I resolve to stop fighting that.)
it'd be really nice to have a little more inner peace. Bad psycho-chemistry and an over-active imagination always combine to amplify my inner conflicts – but hell, I can dream.
What's on your list?


Anonymous said...

Hecate Queen of Witches, I on my knees beg you for easier crossing this new year, yeash I mean, what next?!?

Um, I'd like to lower the death threats

get my back-neck pierced

not hold onto smashed relationships

have an original idea

Mona said...

Only 30 cups of coffee! So where is the problem?

Anonymous said...

Romans 12:17-21

"If your enemy is hungry, feed him; if he is thirsty, give him something to drink."

I wonder who your enemies are...


Anon Anon said...

I know who her enemies are. She's fed and watered them plenty.

Mr X said...

Throwing knives for Christmas, bad ass biblical quotes, blimey things must be getting heavy!

Anonymous said...

artists would not have enemies - the art world is not an evil place. perhaps artists have rivals but that is a different thing altogether. After all "We have art lest we perish of the truth" - Nietzsche

The Ethnic Catamaran Company said...

artists do not have enemies? oh pah-leeze, what art world do YOU live in? artists have more enemies than most – from callous critics and venal gallery-owners to self-righteous attention-grabbers (the sort that like to imply Bill Henson is a paedophile) and opportunistic, moralising politicians. And let's not even talk about artists in less democratic states, where they are persecuted, banned, locked up and publicly vilified. And then there are all those anonymous pricks who keep telling working artists what is and isn't art, who is and isn't an artist...

Sarah Lacy said...

That's the only thing I want right now.
Like you said - a little bit of inner peace would be wonderful.
Actually, I'm being greedy, and asking for lots of it.

Zippy said...

Seriously though, from one fool to another, if I can ever control this muck on paper I'm gonna kill all of you.

How the FUCK do you do facial shadows with BLUE?

Anonymous said...

My new year resolution is to have a less efficient memory, being able to forget can be the key to happiness.

Anonymous said...

Hi Hazel,

I'm going to try harder
to be happy instead of right.


Anonymous said...

Find old frineds, and if they won't be found, think about them often.

Work harder to make our dreams less of a vision and more of a reality.

Eat less junk so it no longer spoils my mind.

Move more.

Make a baby.

S x