Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Performance Anxiety

I'm having my usual pre-auction butterflies. Tomorrow evening, at 6.30, one of my early enamel works, Drowned Ophelia, will be auctioned at Deutscher-Menzies in Sydney. As mentioned before, the pre-sale estimate is $A10,000 to $A14,000. However, with so many works by well-known, 'bankable' artists – albeit priced very much higher – failing to reach their estimates or being passed in at major auctions all around the world, I'm very curious to see what happens with this work.
Despite a 1,000 per cent increase in the prices paid for my work over the past decade – a 100 per cent increase over the past year alone – I don't think my work is over-valued. I've worked hard for the prices achieved. A couple of hundred pieces have been tightly held for long periods over a quite wide base of collectors in Australia, Asia, the USA and the UK. I have been careful not to produce too much or exhibit too often and to limit what is available in the secondary market. I take an artisan-like pride in production and finish, especially with my large enamel paintings. I don't attribute value arbitrarily to what comes out of my studio.
What more can I say but... fingers crossed?
Photo above by
Matt Sutton.

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Mona said...

Good luck and it will be interesting. The more I 'get-to-know-you' through your blog, the more I get the feeling of the 'spirit-of-punk' from you.
And as someone who 'fought in the punk wars' back in 76-77 that is meant as the highest compliment!
"Like trousers, like brain" - Joe Strummer.