Tuesday, December 30, 2008

We Can Be Heroes

Sometimes, the smallest acknowledgement is enough to make an otherwise shitty couple of weeks seem better.
This morning, I was alerted to my inclusion in a list of 'women heroes' on Harpymarx's blog, women whom, "I admire, respect and I suppose, look up to... the women I have chosen have been defiant, strong, expressed their bold sexuality in times of sexual hypocrisy and sexist double-standards.
"Women who spoke out against oppression, stood shoulder to shoulder with other women, showing support and solidarity to make lives for women better, feminism that built confidence and comradeship.
"Trailblazers in their own right, witty, sensual, sexy women, who knew their own minds and intelligence. Women who made a difference, who spoke out in adversity and wanted to change the world for better. Again, it is my own personal list but many of these women are/were fighters and fighting to make the invisible visible, to be noticed and recognised. So many times there are so many good women in the background, in the shadows, acting in the carer role, massaging some man’s ego, building up his confidence and him getting the credit.
"My own list represents women in all spheres of life, women who have influenced my ideas, politics and activism."
That I made any kind of list that also included Angela Davis, Sylvia Pankhurst, Camille Claudel, Debbie Harry, Nina Simone, Dorothy Parker and Alice Walker was a thrill. More importantly, it gave me a sense of something other than my artistic ambitions to live up to over the year ahead.


Paul Martin said...

FWIW, your blog is one of a very small number of non-cinema-related blogs I subscribe to. I lurk more than contribute, enjoying the reading very much, thank you.

Mona said...

May everything you desire come true in 09.

harpymarx said...

Thanks Hazel for the link, much appreciated....