Friday, January 30, 2009

Getting My Hate On

Bitterness is like cancer. It eats upon the host. But anger is like fire. It burns it all clean.
-Maya Angelou
Very often, the things that irritate or anger me are inspirations as powerful as the things I love. When I was a teenager, I made lists of things I hated to help me figure out what I wanted to do with my life, who I wanted to become. The fear of perpetuating what I hated drove me to come up with alternatives.
Sometimes I hate for good reason. Sometimes it's for no reason at all. The following is just a short-list of current examples:
Australia's slimey pseudo-left-wing prime minister, Kevin Rudd, for his ignorant, prejudicial, blinkered-suburbanite comments on art, his underhand attempt to censor internet content and his about-face on simple promises to Australia's indigenous peoples; most gallerists (I've only known a few I trust); phoney friends (I used to collect them); mobile phones, especially those by Blackberry; homogenous, inexpressive, unrebellious 21st century teens; air kisses; bad manners; useless, self-serving bureaucracy; boiled vegetables; Charles Saatchi for his artist-competition-as-reality-tv show, Best Of British – and the BBC for airing such crap; his food-porn wife, Nigella Lawson; Ashton Kutcher, for no good reason (well, actually too many to list here); procrastination (of which I'm often guilty); fake 1984-like political correctness (are you listening, Kevin?); sexism; racism; spelling mistakes; people who walk slowly, especially in airports or on busy city sidewalks (as Henry Rollins once wrote, "They're murdering me slowly"); Brisbane (a place where everyone talks slowly); tv soap operas; women who say they're for equality but not feminism (feminism is equality, dummies); the smell of beer, especially seeping through the pores of somebody's skin; indifference (or, worse, not knowing what you like or hate); excuses, especially my own; heavy make-up; The Seasteading Institute (a truly loathsome, tech-funded approach to alternative living on the ocean – for geeks who don't want to get their feet wet); the colour combinations of red and green or green and purple (they make me feel ill); cleaning up after myself; over-familiarity, especially from faceless phone operators; my overly-serious nature; best-selling self-help books like The Secret by Rhonda Byrne that justify greed and self-centredness; berets and artist smocks (and, yes, black jeans and t-shirt are the new artist smock); men in suits, especially cheap ones; neckties of any colour or design; brand loyalty; being away from my boyfriend; rules (especially my own).
OK, your turn.


Monique said...

stagnation, clutter, indifference, DIEts, pompous assholes, being ignored or patronized, the news, being tired and/or having no energy, neck pain, ignorance, feeling too full or too hungry, alcoholics, over-sleepers, whiners AND complainers

TET (David) said...

Brand Loyalty? I hope your collectors aren't reading this!

Maya Angelou has no idea what anger is like. I've never heard of a fire burning something 'clean' but it certainly does 'consume'. Anger, like fire, is destructive not cleansing. It'll leave you feeling empty rather than clean.

Charles M. said...

Indigenous Australians would disagree about fire: its role in nature is cleansing and clearing. So, I suspect, is anger. For the record, I hate Rudd too – Australia's cut-rate re-make of the swinish Tony Blair – but I hate the alternatives just as much.

Anonymous said...

I guess the raging man made bushfires we are having in Victoria, the suffering scorched wildlife and people who have lost homes are caught up in a 'cleansing and clearing'? to be told that would be a great consolation to the victims I'm sure not. I have never seen scorched earth that looked cleansed, but rather dirty, dead and painful.

f said...

Misuse of apostrophes. Anorexic women, particularly with breast implants. People who take sport seriously. People who drive while using mobile phones. I rather like Nigella so we'll have to agree to disagree about her!

Holly Friesen said...

the human proclivity for denial and illusion, patriarchal women, superficial abstract art, gallery owners who pretend to be interested in art when they aren't in the least, the Bush administration, most rap music, SUV's, stretch limos, cheese whiz, american coffee, over idealizing nature, limp handshakes, underestimating the power of mother earth, sentimentalizing animals, children, mothers and the past, the walking dead, face lifts, the cosmetic industry, inauthenticity, our treatment and view of mental health, reality tv, cell phones, facebook, mass production, that was cleansing in itself!

Señorita Cariño said...

I rather hate this actually:

andrew garton said...

Hate is quite a powerful word... I use it sparingly. However, I will apply hate to bookkeeping and accounting... talking about being murdered slowly! And as much as Hazel hates, I loath all too many politicians and their vacuous, lame attempts at managing our precarious resources, from people to planet.

Perrij said...

Angst-ridden artists who cherry-pick half a quote so that they can appear sensitive and bitch about insightful authors,(To be fair, that one only irritates me)
Dick Cheney (he's Beelzebub), George Bush (he's an evil moron in Beelzebub's army), CEOs of failing corporations with golden parachutes, Sarah Palin, Tweeters in dark theatres, people who talk during films, trading my soul for health care, infomercials, being judgmental instead of discriminating - especially when I do it, the attitude that critical thinking is "uppity", the bullshit idea that critical thought inhibits creativity.

Aaron B. Brown said...

I hate no one, not even myself.

Urban Species – Blanket

"Locked up inside my metal cage
Always tense and filled with rage
Above the concrete fields below
With you i wanna go, wanna go"

Neo said...

My list:
people faking they care, people blaming me repeatedly for a mistake i did once, engineers and to-be engineers, talking while watching a film, tomato sauce's smell (it makes me sick.), onions, jingoistic bastards sitting on their butts complaining about a hundred ways why the economy is not working and doing nothing literally, the know-it-all bastards, guys who text simultaneously and look in all other directions except making eye contact when conversing with me (assholes!), holding hands in public, guys wearing tight girls' black jeans, over friendliness, hesitation, love (to a great extent) and falling in love, magazines, language used by lecturers (monotonous) and that's it for now.