Thursday, March 05, 2009

Banking On It

Two years ago, none of my work ever turned up at auction. I liked to think that it was because, as gallerists put it, my work was '"closely held". The truth was, my paintings just weren't sought after enough to make it worthwhile for potential sellers to submit them to the better auction houses.
When one of my earliest works did, finally, make it into a a low-key Lawson-Menzies sale in Sydney, in 2006, you might have been hard-pressed to find it. There was no illustration in the catalogue and its lot number was so high that it might have been mistaken for a footnote. Nevertheless, it sold well above the pre-sale estimate.
Since the new highs set for my work at Christies' sales of Australian art in London, in December, 2007 and 2008, interest in my work has hockey-sticked upwards. I'm now seen as 'bankable', something of an up-and-comer, maybe even a minor marquee name. An illustrated description of the main work of mine being offered at the upcoming
Menzies Art Brands auction is featured in the front pages of their glossy, printed catalogue.
Bird Of Prey
, shown above, from my Lake Eyre On Acid series, is lot no. 2 in the Deutscher-Menzies auction in Sydney on the 25th March. Executed in high gloss enamel and reflective vinyl on a 100cm x 150cm custom-made board, the estimate for the 2003 work is from $A10,000 to $A14,000 – a generous range given the current economic climate but still just half what two less interesting works of mine sold for in London, 15 months ago.
Bird Of Prey
can be viewed in Melbourne from the 12th to the 15th March at Menzies Art Brands Gallery, 1140 Malvern Road, Malvern, Vic. 3144, and in Sydney from the 19th to the 24th March, at 12 Todman Ave., Kensington, NSW 2033.
Two smaller (40cm x 50cm) works of mine,
The Boxer and The Basketball Player, from the 2002 series, Sports Babes, Resized For Easy Consumption, are included in the Lawson-Menzies on the same evening. Estimates for each are from $A4,000 to $A5,000.


Chubby said...

But what next what next? If you're only as good as your next painting what next? Keep a steady production line of enamels? Or is there a new idea to exploit? How to keep it going and not dry up.

Ooooh I'm vicariously geting off on whether you'll keep your momentum. Is it bad of me? Hmmmm...

Lisa Rasmussen said...

Hazel have you ever done research on totems?
the hawk is powerful one. It is mine.
--i am curious you usually do not incorporate animals n your work. What is the inspiration or concept.