Saturday, March 21, 2009


Gaze, touch, hold, inhale, embrace, kiss, savour, nip, suck, squeeze, caress, sigh, exhale, lick, linger, tease, tremble, graze, fumble, unzip, grasp, finger, circle, swell, rub, stiffen, tongue, seep, taste, moisten, stroke, twist, throb, urge, press, want, arch, probe, pull, thrust, enter, pant, bite, delve, rim, spit, penetrate, hurt, flinch, oil, smear, clench, relent, ease, open, sweat, cup, throb, turn, climb, straddle, ride, part, widen, grip, gape, leak, quicken, push, slide, lap, grind, pinch, jerk, whisper, cry, clutch, glisten, ram, surrender, flood, slam, fist, abandon, loll, engorge, fuck, vibrate, flush, near, spasm, jolt, scream, spurt, heat, gasp, ooze, scratch, slacken, pour, fall, sate, shiver, withdraw, spill, catch, share, sip, swallow, drip, adhere, entangle, ache, pulse, need, eye, dilate, murmur, reach, wet, harden, giggle, tug, slip, fill, moan, spill, soak, grunt, smile, relax, glow, fade.


Anonymous said...

Ooh La La!!!

Anonymous said...

you said "grunt" and "widen" twice each!! :p

Rebecca said...

perfectly expressed words and an invigorating painting
~cocobijoulala from Twitter