Thursday, March 26, 2009

Show, Don't Tell

My assistant took my place on the studio floor to fold glassine envelopes and insert signed, numbered prints of my photographic self-portrait, Study For Modern Strategies For Survival : Resized For Mass Consumption. They'll be sent next week to all those who supplied their snail mail address (and yes, if you've been dithering, there are still a dozen or so left from the edition of 500).
This week has been lost to 'house-keeping' and catching up with preliminary work on some new commissions. Meanwhile, the repainting of the last half a dozen enamel on board works affected by technical problems in my studio, last year, continues across town. My input isn't required until some large blocks of colour are rubbed back and re-coated. With my allergy to enamel now very acute, I have to manage carefully the amount of time I'm exposed to its toxic fumes.
So, for the first time in several weeks, I've been able to spend more than two days in a row at home, drawing. I'm also planning some ideas in other media, including video.
Years ago, when I was at art school for a brief period, I experimented a lot with digital video, creating a handful of short, somewhat obscure pieces. For a time, it almost supplanted painting as my primary medium of expression. Now I want to use it to delve further into some of the themes underlying my paintings and maybe, for the first time, work with models or actors other than myself.
Then again, given the prurient controversy that swirls around my work – and me – from time to time, I might have a problem finding anyone with enough nerve to work with me.


kikimarie said...

i doubt you'd have a problem finding someone willing to work with you.

Queen Vee said...

I'm sure any number of your subscribers would volunteer, including me – though whether we'd be what you're looking for as models/actors is another question. :) Still, with our sheer numbers you could go all Spencer Tunick!


3brainer said...

Why expose yourself to toxic fumes at all? I understand you've been working in enamel for a long while, but really, do you need to be exposing yourself to something harmful?

I agree with the others, you won't have a problem finding actors -- there are a LOT of actors out here.

Paul Martin said...

Next time you're in Melbourne, feel free to look me up.