Monday, March 16, 2009

To The Next 500

My studio has been overwhelmed by the unexpectedly large number of requests for the free limited edition photographic print – and yes, everyone who has provided a snail mail address is guaranteed to get one. The prints will be packed and sent out during the first week or two of April.
I have also been emotionally overwhelmed by the many, personal comments that have accompanied the requests as well as the geographical spread of the correspondents: from Mumbai and Singapore to Auckland, Tokyo, Los Angeles, London (a special 'hello' to the girls at Christie's!) and Berlin. Many have been from women of my age, many from other artists, but there have also been a few from teenage school kids and grandmothers – one of the latter wrote, "I am a pensioner (old person) and could never afford an original piece, but I plan to pass it on, eventually, to my Grandson who is also a fan. I love your clarity and honesty, you are a breath of fresh air - wish I had half your guts or talent! I always look forward to your blogs."
To everyone, just know that I am very deeply moved and grateful for all your words. My offer of this small print is unequal to the enthusiasm, care and support you have shown me.


Kate said...

Hazel, your candid accounts on this blog, deserve every bit of enthusiasm, care and support that they stimulate.

Anonymous said...

Hi Hazel,

Absolutely Extraordinary!


Anonymous said...

Your blog is quite unique Hazel.

I am sure someone will make a movie of your life one day.

Angelina Jolie would be perfect !


Mats Halldin said...

wish I had half your guts or talent! I always look forward to your blogs

Being 40+, hetero, male, and sort of white trash, I can only agree. I frequently revisit your blog to make sure I didn't miss a post -- I didn't this far!

Keep it up
/ Mats