Thursday, April 23, 2009

Lost Thoughts

Days like this, art fails me.
I can’t help thinking,
“What if yesterday was
the last of my imagination?
What if i never have
another idea?”
Days like this, I’m happy.
I don’t have to care
for what’s in my head.
And I can turn my back on
having to pretend
I am a god.


Anonymous said...

Have you heard Yana Ilana yet?

Enjoy !


Hazel Dooney said...

Yes :-)

She and I were guests of Derek Guille & Fiona Scott-Norman for a discussion of female sexuality on ABC Radio's Evening Program, July 2008.

But I haven't seen her perform...

Anonymous said...

If you get a chance you should see her show. Its brilliant. I saw it last year at the Melb arts centre and again last night in flinders lane. She is all soul & all woman. Is that discussion on line?