Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Just Watch Me

After procrastinating for a couple of years, I've finally gotten around to uploading a little of the several hours of video I have lying around the studio to a new Dooney TV channel on YouTube.
I don't make claims for any of it as art. A lot is just experimental stuff I shot in my late teens and early twenties, during my brief dalliance with art school and the idea that I might work in film rather than painting. However, there are also glimpses of me in Lake Eyre, posing for study photographs that would later become a series of enamel paintings and chatting with other, much better known Australian artists, including David Larwill, Tim Storrier, and John Olsen. Over the next few months, I'll upload more recent material, including footage shot at both my Sydney studios and on my recent travels, as well as interviews and the occasional video artwork.
I'm not sure what it will all amount to but like everything else I do online, it's an attempt to figure out just how to interweave Web 2.0 with the rest of my work as an artist and access a broader audience outside the 'bricks-and-mortar' of the old-school gallery system.

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Mona said...

I shall be checking the channel out Hazel. It is amazing this presence that you are building for yourself up in the ether and shows how well this 'interwebbythingy' CAN be used.