Monday, April 06, 2009

Limited Edition Print Update

The first 100 of the limited edition of 500 small photographic prints that I've offered free to those who send me their snail mail addresses are being mailed next week. Even with my assistant and I working together on them, it has taken much longer than expected to sign and number them all, wrap them in glassine paper, and address the envelopes. However, as a package, they present well and I hope recipients will be pleased with them. If nothing else, they're a memento of an unique art studio initiative.
As I've written before, everybody who has requested a print will get one – provided they've emailed their address. However, don't expect to get them within a week or even two. Those to overseas destinations will be sent by surface mail.
And yes, there's still time to request one.


Barbara J Carter said...

I think this is a very generous gesture. Thank you for doing this!

sue beyer said...

Cool! can't wait to see it :-)

mondotrasho said...

I sent my request to the iprimus address. Is that the right one? Or is it the gol e-mail? Thx. ~m

Dooney Studio said...

Either address is fine!

m e l i f e r a said...

How great of you to do this! Looking forward to receiving a print here in New York... I'm going to write a posting about your generous offer on my blog!

Best of luck to you!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Hazel,

This offer is SO cool and unprecedented.
Good on you!

As such, I am really surprised that the usual
suspects have not condemned you and
declared this the first sign of the apocalypse.


Anonymous said...

Hi Hazel,

I guess I spoke too soon.
Just got done reading DF's
blather on Art News Blog.

Is that guy for real?

Like him, I'm pushin' 50 too.
I just pray to his god, if I ever
get that self important and full of BS,
someone will bust a cap in my ass.