Monday, April 20, 2009

Open And Shut Case

As some of you have noticed, I've shut down the Dooney Studio 'catablog'.
It was very short-lived. Online for just a couple of weeks, its limitations as a medium for keeping potential collectors updated about the many, disparate, smaller works currently available from my stock room were almost immediately apparent.
These works, mostly on paper, created as illustrations for this blog or as preliminary sketches for other larger woks in other media, will never be exhibited. Still, they're keenly sought after, both by serious collectors, who like to have examples of my looser drawings and watercolours to round out what they already own of my oeuvre, and by younger buyers who can't yet afford my larger works on paper (such as the Venus In Hell series) nor my PORNO photographs, let alone my enamel paintings.
If you are interested in acquiring one of these smaller works, which are all priced below $A1,000, and want to see what's available, please email my personal assistant, Priya. She will email you images along with measurements and a description of the media used. She can also tell you what catalogs of past exhibitions and auctions, exhibition merchandise, and books are in stock.

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