Sunday, April 19, 2009

Painting Over The Cracks

“I think we should be together,” she said, suddenly. “You know, have a relationship.”
I kept moving the wide paint brush up and down on the canvas, squinting at the surface to make sure the enamel was covering it evenly. I didn't want to talk. I was still having trouble blocking out the pain of my recent past with her.
After a couple of awkward minutes, I said, “Let's just be friends. I don’t think I can be with anyone right now.”
When she and I were together, we never fucked. I wasn't ready, I kept telling her. It got complicated, then it ended. I careened from one man to another in a tangled string of brief, unfulfilling relationships.
I made us both some jasmine tea. Her lips pursed slightly as she sipped the hot liquid. I remembered what it was like to kiss them lightly.
“What are you going to do now?," she asked.
“Make art,” I answered. It was still the only thing I could trust myself to do well.


Zian said...

That's what I like about your art - it doesn't hide, or pretend, it's up front and personal, translates all the emotion and the reality... beautiful work.

andrew garton said...

you make no apologies... and it got me thinking about a piece of mine i'd taken offline a few months back and why i'd censored myself...

yes, have dealt with similar cracks by blasting them with noise and words... not only turning back to art for what i know i can do, but knowing that at this time, it is all i can, and *need* do.

... some one once told me, "what anyone else thinks of you is none of your business".

Momo Luna said...

Hello Hazel,

i'm happy that i found your blog. I think your work is strong, amazing and beautiful. Ánd you also have something to say.

Sweet greetz from Momo Luna