Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Remembering How I Came To Be, Final Part

I dressed in a pale blue top with a plunging, ruche neckline, a dark pencil skirt, and shoes with a soft, spongy platform heel. The rubber was a swirl of ice-cream colours: chocolate, caramel and banana. I painted my lips a dark, Pulp Fiction red, and made them shiny with gloss.
My mother showed me press for the exhibition. A widely distributed street paper had reprinted the press release I'd sent them, along with a small image. The image was also featured in the What’s On section of the art pages in Brisbane's main newspaper, The Courier Mail.
I had an hour and a half until the show opened. I sat for a moment thinking about everything that had brought me to this point. Until a few day's ago, I'd intended to move to Sydney and work as a fashion model. I didn't really think I could be an artist. I'd only sold one painting and that was to make some extra money to travel to Sydney.
Now everything had changed.
“I’ll see you up there,
OK?” I told my mother. “I'll make my own way.” She kissed me on the cheek and smiled. I walked slowly out of the house and up the sloping street towards the hall.

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