Friday, April 03, 2009

Out Of Africa

The SeekProject is an art and design brand initiative established in, of all places, Lagos, in Nigeria. It describes itself as "an avenue for us as artists to constantly look at ways to get our art perspective out to the open and to add more art to the world. Its a platform for self initiated and commisioned work, creative independence and growth." Since 2003, it has been a source of ideas, practical information, inspiration and hip product for young, both for and from Nigerian artists and designers. Recently, Seek approached me about republishing my essay, Life Study, first published in the Australian quarterly, Griffith REVIEW, a few years ago, on its site.
It can now be read there in its entirety, along with a couple of other interesting articles on commercial graphic design.

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Mats Halldin said...

Alis volat propriis.

Nice assay!