Thursday, May 14, 2009

Art Business. Business Art.

I've been drawing and painting at a frustratingly slow pace these past couple of days. Because of that and indecision over a choice of colours for The Wrestler (El Luchador) – one of the first Dangerous Career Babes to be completed, I decided to rework it a little before delivering it to its very patient Melbourne-based buyer – I'm now running a couple of days behind on the detailed work schedule I devised at the end of last week.
Still, I'm regaining a degree of order to my practice. After an horrendous series of mishaps that all but ruined a dozen near-completed works, last year, my re-organised studios are now highly disciplined and productive. The quality of what I like to think of as their artisanship has radically improved too.
The administration of my sales and marketing is slicker. Collectors, dealers, curators and suppliers are managed with a lot more care and receive clearer, more regular communication, even when I'm not around to supervise.
I can't claim sole responsibility for this. I've had the counsel of a couple of much older, much wiser heads. I'm given no quarter when my head is stuck either deep in the sand or far up my own ass.


Kate said...

Hazel, your organisation sounds so good that it would fit right into one of my stats formulas!!! ;) LOL
Way to go - gives uncluttered creative time.

Jet Girl said...

I can barely manage to take my birth control every night at the same time much less ever keep to a disciplined art schedule. Mad props!

Anonymous said...

I'd be interested to hear which Australian curators you've worked with and/or find your work interesting. Could you shed some light for us?

Hazel Dooney said...

This is referred to in other parts of this blog. And who are you?