Saturday, May 30, 2009


As the readerships and revenues of traditional, 'hard copy' mass-market magazines continue to decline, more and more enterpreneurial young publishers are taking their chances online. The result: thousands of niche e-zines that better identify the enthusiasms of smaller but more responsive audiences.
The latest is My Style Australia, founded and edited by Brisbane-based former model, Jennifer Arndt . It's very new so its editorial direction has yet to crystalise but elements of Elle and maybe Nylon magazines are already apparent, especially in its mix of fashion and pop culture and its uncluttered art direction.
The first edition features an outline of my career to date and an interview with me
. There's also an introduction to my Dangerous Career Babe series, with a 'click-thru' of the dozen works to date.


Anonymous said...

I will have to buy MY STYLE on Thursday (pay day) and is she related to Bettina Arndt?

vee gee

Anonymous said...

Hi there. On a different note, I came across your blog (and works) a few weeks back and was wondering if you were familar with the work of British scuptor, Julian Opie? Uncannyily, his work looks a lot like yours (or yours like his) technically as well as in finish, palette, colour etc. Though Opie predates what you're up to by considerably distance and time. I think there's also a conceptual nerve that his work carries where yours seems to be 'all surface', but maturity comes with patience. No offense intended, just healthy criciticsm and me being a cynical and opiniated old Englishman. As a Londener, I've been a fan of Opie's and followed his career since the early nineties.