Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Objects Are The Exercise

I make my art available in three ways. The first is simple: I assemble a series of works around a theme or concept and I exhibit them. The second is less simple: I work out a concept for a series of works, then describe it in detail for a handful of collectors who might commission the first pieces, sight unseen; the rest of the series is then offered (at a higher price) for commission by those who want to view examples before they buy. For the record, I never make art to anyone else's specifications – which is to say, I don't do requests.
The third way is rare: I make 'one-offs' – usually mixed-media paintings or small sculptures – as gifts for friends or collectors; these are usually done with no reference to the rest of my body of work and are often simply decorative: art lite as one of my assistants calls it.
Among my new collectors are a husband and wife who have been waiting patiently for me to finish Dangerous Career Babe: The Stylist. Yesterday was her birthday and with some input from him, I devised a painting that depicted a few items that any woman of her age (or mine) might desire as gifts or distractions. Included among the objects I came up with were items that she had already acquired.
I was quite taken with the finished work. Although it's relatively unrefined, visually and intellectually, the idea of using twenty disparate objects to describe a specific personality is compelling enough to inspire me to do a couple more, similar pieces. Besides satisfying a restless compulsion to serialise my ideas, who knows what might emerge from this attempt to 'objectify' (so to speak) individuals – especially those I know?


Kate said...

oooooooooo, what a gorgeous idea.
Love this piece and maybe (?) looks like lots of fun in painting it.
Wish I could afford you.
One day may be!

Anonymous said...

that is a lovely idea and a beautiful painting. the lucky lady will have an especially great birthday thanks to Hazel and what a considerate thoughtful husband she has!

vee gee

Paul Martin said...

The French descriptions are a nice touch.

Sue said...

Stunning piece Hazel. Balanced, soft and emotional. A gift I am sure she will treasure for a life time.
Being color blind though your works make me dream of colors, things I know nothing of or ever will. That is a first in my life. I am forever grateful for the downloadable works you have offered, they provide me with a sense of artistic dimension within my shades of gray.

d.edlen said...

"restless compulsion to serialise my ideas" is why I like you. Consistency and a drive for creative repetition.


animadi said...

Oh I love it!
That is interesting how 20 objects can be used to describe someone!

Anonymous said...

I'm the lucky recipient of this painting and absolutely love it! Yes I have a very thoughtful husband, but the gift was all Hazel's idea. I was touched that she would go to the effort of doing something so personal and special for me (which is not the first time by the way). Turning 40 isn't so bad after all!!