Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Paper Work

I've spent the day working on a large, 'one off' watercolour for a collector in Melbourne, an unusual work derived from a ten-year-old series of enamels, Accoutrements Of Desire. I did have a clear idea of what I wanted to achieve in it. However, because I'm tired, I'm over-working the image – fussing over unnecessary details, painting too much and too carefully – so it's turning out a little differently than I'd first imagined.
This isn't necessarily a bad thing. In any case, it's relaxing to be working on a much smaller work (just 40cm by 60cm), on paper rather than heavy timber board, in a more forgiving and less sick-making medium than enamel. As evening draws near, I'm beginning even to have (gulp) fun.


Elizabeth said...

It's easy to overwork watercolor, and the paper makes all the difference. That medium has some die-hard purists: some say that using masking liquid is cheating, that real watercolorists don't use pencil/ink.

Glad to hear you're doing a variety of work. It's good for the eyes & the mind.

Anonymous said...

Ah, 'rules'. Artists do SO well when they abide by them. Not.