Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Six Things You Don't Know About Me

The trouble with updating an expanding online presence regularly is that I'm left wondering, sometimes, just what the hell readers don't know about me. Answer: probably not much. Here are six things about me that I haven't told anyone:
My first big crush was Ming The Merciless
in the comic-book version of Flash Gordon.
I was 18 when I first kissed a girl. And I was 27 when I first gave a guy head willingly. Until then, I had to be pushed into it. Literally. One guy finally turned me on enough to want to.
I love old black and white movies, especially Pandora's Box, a silent melodrama starring Louise Brooks, one of my eternal crushes.
If I wasn't an artist, I'd want to be a ballet dancer
Sylvie Guillem is another crush – or (on my few pious days) a medic for M├ędicins Sans Frontieres.
I've worn Chanel
Cristalle perfume since I was 16. I chose it after sniffing every fragrance in a department store. It smells like summer – and where I live, it's like summer all year round.
I used to hate hot pink.
I began using it in my art during late teens after deliberately experimenting with all the colours I disliked. Now hot pink is almost synonymous with my paintings. And my panties. Yes, I do wear hot pink panties.
So tell me what I don't know
about you.


Nudiemuse said...

Six things you don't know about me:

I too was a hater of hot pink until my best friend somehow implanted a love of it in my brain.

I have a deep and abiding love/envy of people with visual artistic talents.

Big friendly dogs turn me into a gibbering boob who will roll on the sidewalk in glee.

I kind of secretly want to have a comic book style portrait of myself even though I'm not a huge comic book fan.

I see the Seattle Art Museum every day and can look at the building for hours.

I love embellished ceilings more than any other architectural feature.

Paul said...

I love it when an author uses a word I don't know, and when I look it up it was the perfect word.

I realized I was an artist in my late teens, and many years later, though not as successful as you I believe as passionate.

I had my ear pierced in 1976 when that was a 'statement' for a guy to do.

I generally wear all black because the green I love is too hard to find.

My 'hippie' was killed in the war, but I survived.

Your views on art and your openness about yourself keep me coming back here.

animadi said...

Six Things You Don't know about Me:

I felt for a long time that I had "the calling" and thought about a cloistered life

I have 4 Tattoos
1. A raven on my right inner wrist
2. A cat face on my left inner wrist
3. The Symbol for Health Sciences Dept at McMaster University on my back (bad decision I got it when I entered the nursing program there and left after a few months)
4. A door over my heart that looks like a window because there is no knob

I know the answer to the "If you could be a tree what would it be?" question. I would be the Oak tree!

I enjoy beading when I am manic, I am trying to develop this craft hobby as non-manic stable person

My Favourite book in grade 6 was "Grapes of Wrath"

A mirror once fell on me, I own 2 black (tuxedo) cats, I love Friday the 13st because for some reason I associated it as a child with McDonald fries?

I don't think R.Crumb is a misogynist

Red Shoe Artist said...

I can't come in contact with a public toilet seat

I've read 'The Count of Monte Cristo' 13 times in the last 5 years

The smell of roast chicken reminds me of my childhood

I lost my virginity twice because I disregarded the first time as a non-event

I've cut down from 15 coffee's a day to 6-8

If I can't do art, whether I'm good at it or not, I think I'd hurt myself

Winsorandnewt said...

I'm rolling more cigarettes than I used to.

My eldest grandson could make me a great grandad (legally) and my youngest sons are still in junior school. Love em all.

Discovered I could dowse and picked the first three past the post in the Grand National the year they got tangled up at the gate.

joined (and left) a 'questionable' dating site. Now I just play in the shed.

Once felt like Jesus, in a betting shop

saw black triangles fly over the hedge. They seemed friendly enough.

karo Akpokiere said...

1. I have a strong connection to Black Converse All Stars

2. I have worn my New Balance 576 for almost two years on a near daily basis.

3. I have never travelled out of Lagos, Nigeria.

4. I find web design uninteresting.

5. I create lots of Black and white images because I don't always tell colors apart.

6. I have my earphones on for hours but usually forget to press the play button.

Anonymous said...

six things?

1. I am very untidy at home, hate vaccuming but otherwise am obssessed with cleanliness.

2. I gave a small abstract oil painting to the salvation army because it hurt to look at it.

3. I haven't driven a car since I sold my rare 1968 Volvo Coupe 6 yrs ago

4. I sometimes take photographs of homeless people begging in town

5. I had a gambling addiction for five years which ended 6 yrs ago

6. My favourite perfume is Chanel 5

vee gee

Sue said...

Six things you don't know about me:
1) I wore white high top sneakers for my wedding.
2) People find it difficult to look me in the eyes due to my eye color.
3) My art medium of choice is glass (the danger is exhilarating)
4) It has been said I live on raw emotion, and the fact that I tend to agree with that is frightening.
5) As a woman I find your work to be extremely sensual and erotic. This is a constant source of wonder to me.
6) I cannot be far enough away from humanity to be happy.

C. Kenneth Miller said...

Probably my two deepest publicly unknown secrets is 1) that I can't stand it when people dress poorly - I'm talking about a SERIOUS distaste; and 2) In the 90's I wrote several songs for several prominent rock bands, under a pseudonym, that I still receive decent royalty checks for.

Oh, and I love trees - not that I'm a hugger, but I love trees.

Andree Lachapelle said...

1- I started wearing colours in the year 2000. Before that, I wore all black.

2- When I am angry at the world I punish it by hurting myself.

3- I talk to cats. Every single one I encounter.

4- On crazy days I am pretty sure that my soul has been alive since Ancient Egypt, and I become obsessed with Egyptian Mythology.

5- On sane days I know that my soul has been alive forever, and I can relax.

Andree Lachapelle said...

Ooops, I think that was only five things.

6- I have serious problems with math ;-)