Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Where Am I?

My Australia is a widely distributed free magazine, sponsored by Tourism Australia to promote travel within Australia. The debut issues, out this month, targets Gen-X and -Y Australians: "Experience it now – before your hair goes grey and responsibility sets in!"
I guess they figure I'm recognisable to some of the target demographic because I'm featured as a 'personality' in two sections. In the first, well-known Australian 'creatives' talk about the places in Australia that have inspired their work. Besides me, there are Richard Flanagan, screenwriter for Baz Luhrman's over-blown epic, Australia, playwright David Williamson, Rob Hirst (former drummer with Australian band, Midnight Oils) and award-winning novelist, Tim Winton. In the second, which is themed around the natural elements of Australia – Earth, Air, Ice and Fire – I'm quoted briefly on Earth.
The magazine is included as a supplement with magazines such as the Australian editions of Marie Claire, Men's Health, Cosmopolitan as well as others.

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Anonymous said...

Is that Marieke Hardy there beneath you also being referenced? I really like her too and more so since she became vegan, hopefully still ..

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