Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Postcards To The Future

Over the past four years, in addition to scores of enamel paintings and mixed media works on paper, I've painted hundreds of small watercolours, some no more than a couple of square inches in size. The subject matter is mixed: coastal landscapes, voodoo vévé, fashion accessories, weapons, nudes, you name it.
I do them only for myself, to pass the time when I'm alone or travelling. Most I send to my lover – something from the heart, more meaningful than a postcard – while some I give as gifts to regular collectors. I used to throw them away but I'm learning to archive what I keep along with the rest of my works and papers, wrapping them in acid-free glassine and storing them in dated, annotated boxes.
I don't try to edit the output, to sort the wheat from the chaff, but I sometimes wonder what might be made of them a hundred years or so in the future – especially the sexually graphic ones. I have this idea that, by then, sex will be automated, remote, nothing more than a software solution – it's unlikely there'll even be a need for men – and my crudely forensic, 'wetware' depictions of it will be nothing more than anachronistic curiosities.

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andrew garton said...

I plan to be around in another 100 years time and certainly hope sex becomes a more deeper, intimate practice than that of a detached performance you describe... but we are sustained by diversity, are we not? ^_*