Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Lost In Translation

"Young artists grow with the passion of the sex," the headline reads. Only in Italy could you come across a sentence that managed to be at once so lurid and poetic – in the pages of an upmarket men's magazine.
Last month, I was interviewed by GQ Italia for one of their regular columns that focuses on what the writer described as "trends in sexuality". I'm used to answering questions about the sexual elements of my art but the half dozen emailed from the magazine were a little more, umm, frank than usual: "In the PORNO pictures, it's you, no?" and "You only represent women, alone or having sex... Is it related with your sexual orientation?" Giving GQ the benefit of the doubt, I put it down to awkward translation.
Anyway, I responded as honestly as I dared. Thankfully, not all of the questions and not all of my answers ended up in the short piece, which appears in this month's issue. Given some of my past experience with Italians – who have an unrivalled gift for poetic licence (read, 'hyperbole') – I expect that most of what I wrote in English has been 'amplified' for its testosterone-laden target audience.


Septic Monochrome (Sue) said...

What a shame that in this sexually saturated world we live in most cannot (or will not)disengage from the body, hormones and preconcieved ideas revolving around sexuality.
I have to wonder if there ever will come a day when we all can see past the 'acts' and embrace the 'identities' instead.

Massimiliano said...

For me you were too aggressive in your comments. At least it's thanks to this article that I have known your interesting works. Anyway sorry for your father and your current feelings. Max from Italy