Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Perfomance Anxiety (Again)

I've been affected badly by my recent trip to Melbourne to be with my father. I was glad to be able to support him while the extent of his cancer was investigated. But so many long-suppressed tensions and resentments were resurrected between us that by the time I returned to Sydney, I was a wreck. Now I'm gripped by a deep, irresolvable depression, unable to think straight, unable to work with any constancy.
I'm also experiencing the usual, irritable anxiety I get just before a high-profile auction of my work.
There are less than 18 hours before Lolita At 16 goes under the hammer at Menzies Art Brands. I have no financial stake in the outcome but I'm pragmatic enough to recognise that it is yet another test of my still-new standing as a 'bankable' artist. An executive at the auction house has told me the overall market climate is "difficult".
I'm keeping my fingers crossed. If demand for my work remains strong, collectors will continue to buy it – at auction and from me – despite the recession.


Septic Monochrome said...

Hi Hazel,
I will keep my fingers crossed that the hammer goes down on a high dollar mark. I would love to buy some of your work. How can I find out what's available?
Be well, I am sending good thoughts and warm wishes.

SharonArtist said...

I wish you well with your auction, which no doubt will be an uplifting experience, but especially I hope you are able to handle and grow with the situation with your father. With his health problems, he was probably under considerable stress too and not his best self. Tensions are always worse at such times. I hope you can find a balance that will not make you both crazy.

Just because you are related to someone doesn't necessarily mean you have much in common.

Mona said...

Good luck with the auction, tho i am sure it will go well.
This could almost be one of yr paintings i thought!

Queen Vee said...

I'm sure the auction will go well – your art is amazing! :)

And re: the depression/anxiety, have you thought about going down to the gym or the beach and doing a workout or run? The extra serotonin and lower cortisol usually helps me!