Monday, June 08, 2009

The Pitiful Price Of Vanity

I've not felt like writing or drawing much these past couple of days. For one thing, I've been depressed. For another, the attempt to dye my hair from black to platinum went horribly wrong: my scalp is sore and ulcerated from an allergic reaction to the chemicals used and I have had to shave off all my hair to relieve it. Now I look like I'm undergoing an aggressive cancer therapy or I've been exposed to radioactive isotopes – neo-Chernobyl chic, I'm calling it. No, it's not pretty.
Worse, I'm falling behind schedule. Again. I have three Dangerous Career Babes to be started at the enamel 'factory' and I am working on drawings for two more. I'd planned to have the latter done yesterday but I'll be bloody lucky if they're ready by the end of next weekend.


jennie Rosenbaum said...

oh no! I'm so sorry to hear it didn't go well. still you have great bone structure for a shaved head, I hope it feels better soon.

Anonymous said...

Hazel, I don't believe chemical burning is an allergic reaction, it is improper balance of chemicals applied, unprofessional and incompetent application in my opinion. A rash or itch is an allergic response not a burn. A burn is a burn by acid or fire etc. Otherwise, it would be like saying people burnt in a fire are allergic to it, a bit of an understatement if ever there was one. I hope you have discussed this with the hair colourist. You don't seem to be holding them responsible - accidents do happen but I would not be so passive about it. Was the colourist new in her job?

vee gee

RAWVOLTA said...

You know...I bet you are beautiful, you little...beautiful..thing..;-)

I am hugging you now, even if you don't have any idea who I am.

I am an ..'old-school' Chernobyl girl...Polish one, too close to this freaking smoke years

Queen Vee said...

You poor thing! I know what a mild bleach burn is like (had platinum hair for a while there myself), but never had one bad enough to have to shave my head. Yowch. :(

But as Jennie said, at least you look great bald! Get some skintight all-black clothes and rock the Minority-report-precog look! Hot.

Susan Buret said...

Ouch! So sorry to hear that. I've done the chemo thing and hopefully your hair will grow back faster. i have now given up my platinum fantasies.

animadi said...

Aww, I remember you telling me about this on twitter!
You are this gorgeous...woman/artist/poet if anything a shaved head w/ a few scars just adds to your mystique.
Your raw unflinching beauty and the dichotomy of strength/beauty beauty/vulnerability.

d.edlen said...

Looking back, "I wish the rear view mirror could tell me a lie" - Roger Clyne, but the Universe reflects, foreshadows in interesting ways, no?