Friday, July 31, 2009

The Art Of Selling (Out)

A couple of years ago, I agreed to adapt half a dozen of my best known images, the Cowboy Babes, as designs for the retro-looking tin boxes of a condom manufacturer, Legends Rubbers. Unfortunately, just before the first tin could be manufactured, the company hit a bump in its business plan and it was no longer able to support the promotion in the way we'd envisioned. I withdrew from the deal.
Since then, I've been approached by other companies wanting to adapt my art to other, more commercial media: a clothing company in Eastern Europe, a mobile wireless re-seller in Sydney, even a department store in Singapore.
However, I've learnt that there's a big gap between what's proposed in an initial, enthusiastic email and what turns up in a draft heads of agreement – and that's if the discussion gets that far. Of the dozen or so approaches I've had in the past three years, not one has amounted to anything more than lots of entertaining but ultimately frustrating talk.
But I'm wising up. In the next month or so, I'm going to hire a professional to handle such enquiries. That way I can remain undistracted from the very thing that attracted these 'opportunities' in the first place: my art.

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Susan Adsett said...

Hugh McLeod is right "selling out is hard than it looks"(

Of course, you have a contractual problem, not a creative problem... good luck with your new business manager!