Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Drawing A Line Within

I'm often asked how I feel about revealing so much of myself in my work – especially in the sexually graphic photographs and drawings and the frank, confessional posts on this blog.
I'm not sure I know the answer. In all my work, I think only about what's needed to express and explore an idea with honesty. I don't hold back.
Where I expose myself the most – and with the greatest emotional vulnerability – is in the line-work of my drawings. Whether I'm sketching loosely for a watercolour or draughting precisely for an enamel painting, the lines reflect my state of mind. Anxiety makes them heavy and lacking subtlety or variation: small details are drawn, erased and re-worked repeatedly and my hand trembles. When I'm stable and happy, the lines run smooth, fast, and are much freer and more confident.
Ironically, I draw best when I feel nothing. It's not about being numb. It's about allowing a deeper, subconscious state – one that influences without being apparent – guide my hand rather than having a temporary, 'surface' mood overwhelm my control and undermine the work.


Anonymous said...

Hi Hazel,

I always relate it as the
Tao of watercolour. I think
there is a book w/that title,
never read it tho.


Anonymous said...

I read somewhere that creativity emerges most when the mind is blank and bored in fact. An empty canvas I guess which the mind can be at times perhaps is more prone to bring up ideas and images than when it is tied up being busy and analytical, strategically dealing with events and emotions. It makes sense to me.


Phoinix said...

Hope your month is getting better!