Wednesday, July 29, 2009


I was still in the studio at 3.30 a.m., last night, the tail-end of a long, 20-hour day.
There were small corrections, refinements and 'clean-ups' to be made to two Dangerous Career Babes that were scheduled to be packed and delivered to a collector in Melbourne, this morning. Another two, also for collectors in Melbourne, were completed and moved to drying racks to harden while arrangements are being made for their delivery next week. Four more large enamels, in various stages of completion – these bound for collectors in South and Western Australia – are hung on the studio wall, awaiting my attention later today.
I'm utterly exhausted. When I am not at the 'enamel factory, a two-hour drive from home, there are a backlog of collector enquiries to attend to at my other studio, correspondence to review with venues in Asia and Europe and PR to plan ahead of a couple of major auctions scheduled for next month and September.
More than anything, I am longing for a few, quiet, un-pressured weeks to develop ideas for completely new work and experiment with new media. I also want to get away from Australia.
As I wind down my two-year commitment to the Dangerous Career Babes, I'm looking forward to not poisoning myself every day with enamels. I'll continue to work in the medium – next, in the small Precious Blood series – but not with the same intensity or level of exposure.


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear u plan to ease up on toxic enamel exposure. The sooner the better if you want to live long & well although nothing is every certain one way or another


Andrea said...

Where do you want to go? I am curious :)

Bobby Shen said...

And I thought I lived a busy lifestyle (architecture school projects, all nighters, too many groups, people and work). I had the feeling last semester, that I just had to get out of Auckland for a week. And I did (went to Wellington with all it's art and loveliness), and it was fantastic! Come over to NZ, just hop across the Tasman for a week, its pretty uneventful here but that's the point ;D

Bobby Shen said...

You should definitely take a week off, I did for a week after last semester. It was amazing.

Come over to NZ, its just across the Tasman!