Thursday, July 23, 2009

Secret Messages To Myself

Sometimes I'm asked what the words scrawled across my watercolours say.
In the small images on my blog, they're mostly random snatches, phrases found rattling around inside my head. In my larger works on paper, they're often poems by someone quite notorious both within and outside the arts who insists on anonymity. I break the intricately crafted words into fragments, re-ordering them to fit a particular work. The writer knows this and doesn't care. Sometimes I combine them with my own words: I partially erase them on the page so that they're reduced to a texture of half-formed thoughts.
I resisted using words for a long time. They were always more definite, more revealing than images and left little room for interpretation. Or so I thought. Then I realised my images have always reflected much more of me than I cared to admit. My attempts to obscure myself were self-deceptive. I decided to let it all out.
I don't like to over-explain my work but when a collector asks about specific words in my paintings, I tell them. I want them to experience and understand every part of the work but also, in the end, revealing their meaning makes me feel a little freer of myself.

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Paul Martin said...

When I received your watercolour, I was initially curious about the words and their meaning. But then I just let it go. It didn't matter. Maybe it's lethargy or maybe it's better to maintain the mystery.