Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Worst Kind Of Waiting

The worst part of finishing a commissioned work is waiting to hear what the collector thinks of it.
When I deliver a study, I always provide an overview of how and why I created it in the way that I did. But I have learnt that the best thing I can do is make myself scarce. The purchase of an artwork is an intensely personal thing but it's even more so when the work is commissioned because the collector feels instrumental in its creation.
Inevitably, they have a picture of what they were expecting in their head. If my work doesn't match it – and it hardly ever will – they need to time to absorb the differences, to become acquainted, as it were, with what has come out of my head. It can sometimes (thankfully, not often) be difficult.
This morning, I finished the final study for The Gambler ('All In'), the last of the paintings commissioned in my two-year series of Dangerous Career Babes. Although outlining has already begun on the full-size frame in the studio, I'm now on tenterhooks to hear how the collector reacts to its intense red and shimmering patches of gold on a stark field of high-gloss, flawless white.


James said...

I have a personal connection to many of the works in your series because of my travels and my own series of professional pursuits. (Long story.) Whatever your collector thinks, I think this one is a very successful variation.

Having a sister in the Las Vegas area, having visited LV many times, and having recently gotten married there, I am especially interested in artistic takes on the vibe of the city, a vibe often dictated by gambling and sexuality. You capture all of it perfectly here. You even made the $100 chips black--great attention to detail.

My wife runs an art company in New York, so I've gotten to see a variety of fine work. I will point you out to her.

You have no need to fear. Bravo.

RobSchwager said...

I'm dealing with this very thing this week.

I've done the usual. Sent initial sketches, then color mock-ups of the piece, then progress shots as I've spent the last month working on it. I'm about to wrap it up and dread sending out the e-mail with jpgs letting the collector know that it's done.

I always fear they'll say "what...? that's it...? That's what I paid you for...? etc...."

I guess it's just my fear of acceptance and disappointment as a creative individual.

Femikneesm said...

It looks fantastic....what was the feedback?