Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Briefly, On My Birthday

My birthday was, by choice, low key. I took the phone off the hook, logged off my computer and stayed in bed to catch up on a few weeks of lost sleep. It was the best gift I could have wished for.
There were other gifts, not least a bottle of a hot, 'Dooney' pink ink called
Shah's Rose with which I am going to write everything, even my cheques, from now on.
I have mixed feelings about birthdays, especially as I get older. I don't have any hang-ups about my fading youth (although my fading good looks might be another matter). Rather, as each year passes, I become more acutely aware of how much I've taken time for granted – and how many precious opportunities I've let slip through my fingers, often without even appreciating them.
I'm not going to waste a minute of the rest of my life.


Shannon said...

Happy belated birthday. Here is to many more years of living.

Paul Martin said...

Rest is not a waste of time. Happy birthday!

Anonymous said...

Happy belated birthday fellow Leo


Tina Mammoser said...

Happy birthday!

I'm not big on them either. Just take each day afresh. Sleep is a necessary ingredient for that. :)

Mike Wood said...

Happy Belated birthday. :)

I am enjoying reading your blog this morning/afternoon at my Mcjob (in reference to another post you did, I am where you were 5 years ago before regaining confidence). You have a lot of really good things to say and I have recommended the blog to other artist friends.