Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Hanging By A Thread

If I needed a kick up the ass to remind me that I was slipping into crusty, suburban complacency, I got it yesterday.
A corporate high-flyer who had commissioned two large enamel paintings informed me that he was able to pay neither the balance owing on one that I had just completed nor a second stage payment on the other, for which I had presented the study drawing.
This left me with a five-figure shortfall in my studio's monthly budget.
After several emails to art dealers in three countries (well, those whom I still regard as friends), as well as a couple of tense, late night and early morning conference calls between the collector, my accountant and me, some of the monies owed were recovered and the finished painting re-sold.
It's the first financial fright of any magnitude that I've ever had to negotiate and the experience left me feeling like a wrung-out dish-rag for the rest of the day.
Last year, my work suffered because of some serious technical fuck-ups. So I immersed myself in creating a better managed, more highly skilled and productive studio in which I could be confident not only of the quality of the 'craftsmanship' but also the capacity to turn whatever I might imagine in the future – in any number of different media – into reality.
For a brief moment, everything I'd worked so hard for was threatened by this one, unexpected default. I'm determined not to let that happen again.


Jason Barre said...

That situation made me cringe in fear, things we work hard for that are in danger is a particularly scary experience.

Glad you made it through. :)

Anonymous said...

In future perhaps you should take upfront fees for commissioned work, just in case, or some of it at least. Perhaps you do anyway.


Anonymous said...

'Money changes everything',

Cyndi Lauper

Angela Hunt said...

This very situation is what put me in the hole last year that I'm only now really climbing out of now. I'm glad you were able to put it together so quickly.

Let's hear it for not allowing ourselves to get complacent!

Louise said...

May you be successful in not letting that happen again. Tough to keep things on track sometimes when dealing with other human beings.

Congrats on POTD mention.

TechnoBabe said...

You must have a new plan in mind to prevent similar near disasters. Best wishes to you for the future in the art world.

Brian Miller said...

wonderful pic. scary moments there...great to learn from them and prepare for next time as it sounds you are determined to do. congrats on the POTD mention as well.