Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Mindful Of Myself

The doctor reviewed the results of my blood tests and chest x-ray with me today. Apart from lacking vitamin D because I spend too little time in the sun, I'm in perfect health. The persistent symptoms I've been experiencing – nausea, headaches, rashes – have nothing to do with my body. They're to do with my mind.
The news was disturbing and difficult to accept, at first – like I had tricked myself (which, I guess, I had). But it's a happy result. The dosage for the mood stabiliser I take every morning is being increased and I'll have to become much more disciplined about regular exercise, good nutrition and a more coherent structure to my working life.
This afternoon, I swam laps in the tidal pool at my local beach. I wanted to establish a new routine right away. I could see my home from the pool; camouflaged by scrub atop an imposing headland nearby, it looked small and precarious on the edge of the sheer, sandstone cliff. It felt good to be in the sun and cold, salty water alone.
I used to think that changes take a long time, that new beginnings are hard. But they're not. All that's needed is a commitment to immediate action – and a little courage.


JenXer said...

I am relieved to hear it!!
I experienced similar last year; when I reached a point of stress that caused me to have symptoms frighteningly similar to a digestive cancer. It is so strange what a creative mind can sometimes inflict on the body.

Carolyn Ann Pappas said...

I have had numerous health issues that were caused by mind and anxiety that I was going through. I recommend the book "The Mindbody Prescription" by Dr John E Sarno. It cured me of debilitating tendinitis in my hands. From the little I know of you from reading your blog, I'm sure you will see yourself in it too.

Kate said...

That's excellent news.

Susan Adsett said...

I've always been relieved when a diagnosis comes with an action plan - good luck with yours!

Mona said...

Yeah, I am glad that the results were good too.

katehughes said...

I love the watercolour you've used to illustrate this post, the colours are sensational, as in relating to sensation, hot pink and joyous yellow. I keep returning to this post just to further absorb the image.