Sunday, August 16, 2009

Tie Me Down (For Next Year)

I was determined to start the new week in a better, more productive place than I have been for a few months.
I got up early to put the finishing touches on a new enamel-on-board work, All Tied Up!, another in my occasional series of Cowboy Babes, before driving to my 'enamel factory' in the far west of Sydney for another hard day in its toxic environment.
This weekend, I confirmed dates for two very different exhibitions – a new series of watercolours in Toronto, the last nine of my large, enamel Dangerous Career Babes on Staten Island, in New York – as well as followed up leads for other spaces in British Columbia, California and Texas.
I want to end up on a sort of rock 'n' roll art tour of North America in the first half of 2010.
It's been over two years since I last exhibited paintings. For my 2008 show, PORNO, I was more curator and model than I was artist, intent on exploring a simple idea I had about the degree to which we've been seduced by contemporary social media to expose ourselves – in every sense – through photography.
This time, the ideas and the works themselves will be more rigorous – testing, with the Dangerous Career Babes, the coherence of several paintings as a single conceptual piece and with the watercolours, trying to expand the language and content of a medium that's so often seen as somewhat hidebound and unfashionable.

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