Monday, August 10, 2009

Writer's Block

I try to update entries to this blog at least every couple of days, if not more regularly, but sometimes the concise documenting of my activities and thoughts is thwarted by the messy reality of my mind.
It goes blank.
It doesn't happen often. I don't believe in waiting for inspiration to come out of nowhere. On most days, I draw, paint, scribble in diaries and take photographs to make sure I'm always alert to the stray thought, the peripheral observation, that might lead me to my next work. It's a discipline I try to maintain even when I'm tired or depressed. It has enabled me not just to produce a lot of work but also refine and articulate the ideas within it.
The pace of my life and productivity has accelerated in recent months. At times, I've struggled to keep up. I have days when the weariness is bone-deep and the physical toll of the medium I use is marked. Sometimes my mind just shuts down and I can't think of even the simplest things, let alone construct a coherent sentence. When that happens, I just hope regular readers will understand.

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