Thursday, September 24, 2009

Free Of Me

As I've mentioned several times, I want to give as many people as possible an opportunity to own an example of my art. In the past, I've offered an unlimited edition print to download as well as a high numbered, limited edition photograph. This time, I thought I'd give just one person the chance to own an original piece.
This is how it works:
Take a look at the pair of Polaroids that illustrated yesterday's blog entry. One of them was used as the study for an enamel painting. But which one? And for what painting?
The answers can be discovered by exploring the images on both this blog and my web site. The first reader to send the correct answers – including the full name of the painting and the URL linking to it – to my studio email, along with their full name and snail mail address, will win a signed, dated, one-off Polaroid 600 study photograph, unmounted, as a prize.
Easy, no?

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