Sunday, September 13, 2009

Secret Women's Business

Despite enduring a few of the busiest weeks of my working life so far, I'm only just now getting to grips with the whole concept of 'prioritising'. As a result, I've yet to finalise any of the exhibitions I've planned for 2010. I'm besieged by gallerists, justifiably impatient to nail down dates and contract details.
At least, I'm not worried about the content of the shows. My heart is already set on doing a number of works in mixed media on paper rather than another series of large paintings in enamel.
I've missed the emotional and sensual turbulence of my earliest experiments in watercolours, which I first showed at my Venus In Hell show at MARS Gallery, in Melbourne, three years ago. I want to delve deeper into syncretic Afro-Christian rites but at the same time, explore the complex relationship women can have with the ecstatic spiritual experience – a theme limned in my recent Precious Blood paintings. Within this experience, as within other aspects of female experience, joy and pain are inextricably bound together.
It's ambitious stuff which, I suspect, will make for a rigorous intellectual and creative adventure as I try to resolve disparate ideas and turn them into coherent shows. I can't wait to get rid of everything now on my plate and get started.

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Regina Agu said...

I love the complexity of the ideas behind your Precious Blood paintings. I am very excited to see your new works on paper, as they seem to be very liberating for you as you create them.

Thanks so much for sharing your process and growth through this blog Hazel. Ever since I came across your work through twitter, and subsequently your website and blog, I have become an avid reader. Your perseverance and dedication to your craft have truly changed how I approach my own art making.